Numeracy Week At Maine

Numeracy week at Maine began on Monday 22nd February with a special assembly where the children were informed that the key to Mr Costelloe’s prize cupboard had been stolen, by non other than one of the teachers!

The children had to work very hard at practical maths challenges each day, to gather 4 numbers by Friday, to crack the code to of the combination lock and reveal the name of the culprit!

There was much anticipation in Friday morning’s assembly from both staff and children as each class tried their combination to catch the culprit, with P4/5 having the correct numbers.

Well done to all the children who worked incredibly hard at their challenges and their ‘ Mathsathon’. Thanks to the familes who got involved talking through the weeks activities with their children and giving their deductions as to who the mystery culprit was via our Facebook polls. Luckily, we managed to get video of the culprit caught in the act below !