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Take 5


'Take 5' - Steps to Wellbeing

The Public Health Agency recommend these five simple ways to improve our mental health and wellbeing:

  • Connect - with the people around you, with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours
  • Keep Learning - don’t be afraid to try something new, rediscover an old hobby or sign up for a course
  • Be Active - even a short ten minute walk can improve mental alertness and wellbeing
  • Take Notice - of the things around you. Pay attention to the beauty of nature and reflect on your experiences
  • Give - do something nice for a friend or stranger, thank someone, smile, volunteer your time or consider joining a community group

Take 5 at Maine Integrated Primary School

We here at Maine Integrated Primary School greatly value the mental health of our pupils, staff and wider school community. Some of our Take 5 initiatives include:

  • Displaying Take 5 flyers throughout school
  • An informative Take 5 display board
  • Recruiting pupil Wellbeing Champions for the academic year
  • Running competitions in relation to Take 5
  • Take 5 assemblies
  • The delivery of specific Take 5 lessons

At the end of our 2022/23 academic year, our school was thrilled to receive a Level One accreditation as an official Take 5 School. 

Annual Take 5 Event

During Term 3 of our 2023/24 academic year, our school Sports Day will serve as our Annual Take 5 event.

The staff at Maine believes that our Sports Day perfectly encapsulates the key principles of Take 5.



Five Finger Breathing
The Five Ways to Wellbeing
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Maine Integrated Primary School's Take 5 Mascot!
Our Take 5 Display Board