School Enhancement Update

We had some fantastic news today. The planning application for the improvements to the school buildings has been approved and the Department of Education has approved the £635,000 budget. We'll be talking with the contractors this week to put the timeline together and as soon as we know more we will share this with everyone.

The approved plan consists of the following work:

  • Add our own school hall with room to store indoor PE equipment as well as lunch tables. There is a brand new fitted kitchen off the hall to serve school meals from.
  • Add two brand-new classrooms.
  • Add a large flat playground behind the current one which will more than double our space at playtimes.
  • Add a new administration block with proper offices for Mrs McKay and Mr Costelloe along with a staff room, a new hygine room and a dedicated room for small group lessons and reading activities.
  • Demolish the current block of buildings that consists of the boys/girls toilets, P7 classroom, staff room and extend the current playground into that space.
  • Add seven new parking spaces

During the Autumn term as work on the school begins it is possible that there will be temporary inconveniences and while we will be working closely with the contractors to minimise disruption, we would ask for your patience during the ever hectic drop-off / pick-up times as we work around the builders.

This is a very exciting time for the school and we are very proud and grateful to have been selected for such a major investment from the Department of Education.