School Policy Consultation

As an Integrated School, parental involvement with the school and their children's education is a core part of our ethos. From time to time as we update new school policies we like to put draft versions out for parental consultation so that we can get your feedback on them before they are approved by the Board of Governors.

For a full list of the current school policies, please see the Policies page. To send feedback on any of the school policies please complete the Policy Feedback form or contact the school office.

Anti-Bullying Policy (September 2016 Draft)

The Anti-bullying policy reflects the school mission statement with a view to celebrating difference and promoting individuality within a positive environment of mutual respect. The school aims to foster values of tolerance and mutual respect through promoting the self esteem of all members of the school community. In Maine Integrated Primary School bullying behaviour is contrary to the school ethos.

We recognise that bullying is a concern for all of us, including pupils, teaching, non-teaching staff, parents and governors.The aims of this policy are to: Prevent or reduce bullying in any form, Adopt a consistent approach to dealing with incidents of bullying, Create an emotionally safe environment where positive relationships can develop, Ensure that all pupils, parents and staff are aware of this policy and their roles and responsibilities in contributing to its success.

We would appreciate any feedback that you might have on this draft policy - please fill out the feedback form if you have any comments.