Information for Parents


Maine Integrated Primary School was opened in September 2003 and would not exist without the efforts of the founding parents. Therefore we remain keen to ensure that parents feel welcome in the school and are as involved in the education of their children as they can be.

Admissions to Maine Integrated Primary

If you are thinking about bringing your children to the school or playgroup then please see our admissions page or contact the school office to arrange an informal visit to look around and chat with the school staff and Principal. 

Integrated Education

Integrated Education brings children and staff from Catholic and Protestant traditions, as well as those of other faiths, or none, together in one school. Integrated Schools differ from other schools in Northern Ireland by ensuring that children from diverse backgrounds are educated together. It is also important to note that Integrated schools are not secular but are essentially Christian in character though we welcome children from all faiths and none.  At Maine, Catholic children are offered Sacramental preparation at P3, P4 and P7. For more information about the ethos of Integrated Education, visit the NICIE website.

Maine is a Nut Free School

As we care for children in the school with severe nut allergies we ask that Parents do not send any nut products with their children as part of a packed lunch (that includes Nutella or chocolate spread in sandwiches).