Class teacher: Mrs McBride and Mr Costelloe

Classroom assistant: Miss McCrystal

Welcome to P2

We have finally reached the end of our P2 2016/17 year and what a year! We have covered many topics and lots of learning has taken place throughout all areas. 

This term we have looked at the topic 'Under the Sea' - we looked at the animals who live there, how they survive and adapt. We looked at maps of the world and tried to identify land/sea areas. We have spent the last 2 weeks looking at pirates! Wow, P2 really do love Pirates. Below id some of our learning through play activities that kept us busy, engaged and asking questions.




What long half term, crammed full of activities and learning. 

P2 this half term have been looking at superheroes - in their community, in their lives and in the world around them. The children have LOVED the fantasy side of the topic, dressing up as their superheroes, reading about them and acting out roles taken on by their heroes.  They even made their own costumes, came up with their own name and their own superpower! What a great topic.

louis braille.jpg

We looked at famous superheroes from the past -  we looked at Louis Braille, after he was blinded as a child, he created Braille to help blind people read.


During this term we had a challenge week, looking at shapes and completing tasks in pairs and small groups. We tried our best and worked hard even though we found some of them VERY challenging.


Some of our Easter arts and crafts - aren't they brilliant? :-)


Towards the end of this half term, they took place in the annual school fundraiser - Forest Fundraiser.  Mr Costelloe was kidnapped by aliens and could only be returned when children had completed tasks around Shane's Castle grounds.  What a day everyone had - keep your eyes and ears open to hear the total raised from this amazing event.



P2 are back to school and back to business. Last week they all had great fun making pancakes. Most of the children were very happy, a few preferred their mummy's pancakes, but we all had great fun making them and then writing about what we did.

This week saw the whole school celebrate World Book Day! We started the morningcollecting information about our favourite books and characters from the Oxford Reading Tree books. We continued to read a story about Jesus calming the storm during RE. During literacy we read some books on our own and in our reading groups. For the final part of our day we listened to the story 'How to be a Superhero'. from this we discussed with our friends what our power might be of we were a Superhero.  We had great fun today and looked at many books throughout the day, especially the new books we got as part of our annual Maine Book Swap.




WOW!!!! Where have these last few weeks gone ????   I can't believe we are heading into the half term break. P2 have been VERY busy. Our topic this half term has been TOYS - looking at how they work, what they are made from and looking at toys through time. Here are some of our play activities over this half term.

In January we had a visit from the World of Owls ... some of us were VERY brave!!

Our ICT focus this term was using Beebot and exploring directions. We used beebot and our mat within the classroom. We used the ipad, the computers and even Mrs McBride's phone to access the beebot app.

We have all tried to complete some Lego Challenges this term.  Aren't we a talented bunch?

What a fun activity for P2 to do. Using a paper cup, a straw and a rubber glove - we made our own JACK IN THE BOX! Boy were we tired after playing with these. Such a simple activity, but it helped us explore how toys work.

February 7th was Internet Safety Day and we were looking at how to keep ourselves safe and protect our friends feelings on the internet.

This has been a very busy and excitable half term. We had our nativity at the start of December and all the P1-3 children were fab-u-lous!! During our literacy time we were looking at writing letters, messages and invites - we even managed to get our Santa letters displayed so any little Robins or Elves could report back to Santa.

Our topic 'Hot and Cold' had us travelling the world, looking at different countries, their climate, people, clothes and plants. We really enjoyed this topic. Here is some of our Art work ...

This term seen us use of constriction skills. We had to design a sleigh for Santa using cocktail sticks and midget gems -  what a challenge!! Some of us managed to lift Santa off the table, others? well, we need to plan a little more, but we had great fun working together and being creative.

We applied our new skills into other areas of the curriculum - numeracy. We created 2d shapes and then put these shapes together to create some 3d shapes. Well done P2.

This term would not have been complete without our little classroom helper 'Elfie'. The kids will miss him and his antics, as will the other members of our class who learnt so much from Elfie when the P2 children went home.  Merry Christmas everyone.



Oh my! P2 had a little visitor today, sooooooooooooooooooooooo much excitement.


This week has been AnTi-Bullying week NI, the message being 'We are Stronger Together!' P2 looked at friendship -  what makes a good friend and what makes a bad friend. we then looked at how we feel when some one is a good or bad friend to us. We also discussed how other might feel if we were a good or bad friend to them. The whole class decided that they wanted to be a good friend to everyone!  We listened to 'You've got a friend in me!' from Toy Story and discussed a few scenarios set by the Toy Story cast. What a brilliant set of kids and how thoughtful and kind they all were to each other during our session.



This week P2 have been Scientists. They put on their lab coats and got to work.  We did a few experiements to do with our new topic of HOT AND COLD.  We predicted what might happen when we add hot or cold water to some skittles, we also predicted what might happen to the temperature of our hands when they are moved from either hot/cold water into lukewarm water. We had to make sure our tests were fair!  The children had great fun and I think we have a few real scientists in our midst.

Halloween holidays are nearly upon us and we have been getting into the 'spirit' of things during our activities this week. We pretended we were witches/wizards, we had to record in a list all the ingredients that each of us would need to cast a spell!! Some of the spells were scary - beware any relatives of this P2 class!! The children had great fun in the role play corner, using Halloween cutters in the playdough and stamping pumpkin and ghost pictures. Have a great holiday everyone and please stay safe this Halloween.


This term we celebrated Harvest in the local Church of Ireland. The P2 children were fabulous and sang their wee hearts out.  I am so proud of them.


P2 have been working hard this week as scientists. We were exploring what happens when materials are heated. Lots of predicting, lots of questions and lots of experimenting. Their work continues this week ...


This week seen P2 celebrate Roald Dahl's 100th birthday! We have been reading the story 'The Twits; about a pretty disgusting couple called Mr and Mrs Twit - the kids love it! Below is display showing some of the disgusting things that Mr Twit keeps in his unkept beard.


Another school year is upon us.  The children have settled well into P2, we are all getting used to the new routines and learning, this will take time, but we are already doing very well.  We have started spellings this term and the children (and parents) are adapting well to the new whole school system. 

Our class topic this half term is changes - the kids seem to know so much already, we are looking forward to our science investigation afternoons.

Please pop back and visit us again! :-)